The first price is for a container serves up to 10 people.
The second price is for a container that serves up to 20 people.


Salpicão $30/$50

Chicken salad mixed with green peas, corn,
carrots, raisins, apples and mayonnaise

Maionese $30/$50

Potato salad made with corn, green peas, carrots
and mayonnaise

Caesar $25/$40

Traditional Caesar salad served with or
without croutons

Torta de Pão $25/$45

Bread pie made with your choice of the following:
tuna, salmon or chicken mixed with mayonnaise,
pineapple and herbs

Salada Mista $25/$40

Tossed salad made with hearts of palm, tomatoes,
onion, peppers and mixed leaves

Salada Mista com Morango e
Castanha $30/$45

Mixed green salad with strawberries, walnuts and
feta cheese

Salada de Manga $30/$45

Mango salad

Vegetais Grelhados $30/$45

Sweet potato, eggplant, zucchini and squash

Bandeja de Frios $50

Cheese, crackers, and pâté or more cheese,
olives, salami and fruit

Vinagrete $50

Red and green peppers, onions and
tomatoes in vinegar


Arroz $25/$40

White rice

Arroz com Vegetais $30/$45

White rice with vegetables

Arroz Paella $60/$100

Rice with shrimp, scallops, mussels and

Banana Frita $25/$40

Fried plantains

Couve $20/$35

Collard greens sautéed with garlic

Feijão $30/$45

Brown or black beans

Feijão com Linguiça
ou Bacon $35/$50

Brown beans with linguiça or bacon

Feijão Tropeiro $35/$50

Yucca flour mixed with pinto beans, bacon,
eggs and collard greens

Caldo de Feijão $30/$45

Spicy beans with torresmo

Tutu de Feijão $30/$45

Brown beans mashed with yucca flour and
topped with eggs and torresmo

Linguiça Caseira $30/$50

Homemade pork sausage

Farofa $25/$40

Mixture of yucca flour, vegetables and linguiça

Farofa de Natal $40/$60

Mixture of flour, walnuts, cashews, brazil nuts
and raisins

Creme de Milho $30/$45

Cream of corn with onions and parsley

Vagem $30/$45

Green beans sautéed with bacon


Moqueca $60/$90

A traditional Brazilian dish made with mahi-mahi
and shrimp in a tomato cilantro sauce

Bobó de Camarão $60/$90

Shrimp mixed with a tomato cilantro sauce and
mashed yucca all cooked together with coconut
milk and dende oil

Bacalhoada $60/$90

Traditional Portuguese codfish with potatoes,
olives, onions, eggs and peppers and topped
with olive oil

Bacalhau com Natas $60/$90

Codfish with potatoes in a white cream sauce

Torta de Frango $30/$50

Homemade chicken pie

Torta de Bacalhau ou Camarão

Codfish or shrimp pie

Fricasse de Frango $35/$50

Shredded chicken breast, corn in a cream
cheese sauce

Lasanha de Frango $35/$50

Chicken lasagna

Lasanha de Carne $40/$60

Beef lasagna

Galinha Caipira $30/$50

Fowl cooked in chicken broth, potatoes
and garlic

Frango a Passarinho $30/$50

Traditional Brazilian-style fried chicken

Frango Assado $30/$50

Baked chicken legs wrapped with bacon

Peito de Frango com Bacon e
Catupiry $50/$80

Chicken breast medallions wrapped with
bacon and covered with a cheese sauce

Strogonoff de Frango $50/$80

Chicken sautéed in a sauce of tomatoes,
Dijon mustard, heavy cream and cognac

Strogonoff de Filet Mignon $75/$120

Traditional Strogonoff made with fi let mignon

Carne Assada $45/$70

Roast beef with choice of sauce – Madeira,
gorgonzola, catupiry or port wine

Rocambole de Carne Moida com
Batata Assada $50/$80

Ground beef stuffed with ham, cheese and
carrots, surrounded by potatoes in your
choice of madeira or red sauce

Costela Assada Inteira $120

Grilled rack of short ribs

Picanha Grelhada $80/$120

Grilled top sirloin

Lombo de Porco $40/$60

Roasted pork loin topped with Madeira sauce

Costela de Porco $30/$50

Grilled pork ribs

Peru Recheado $60

Whole roasted turkey

Leitoa $120

Roasted pig served with a yucca flour stuffing


Pudim $30

Brazilian-style flan

Mousse de Maracujá $30

Passion fruit mousse

Mousse de Chocolate $35

Chocolate mousse

Pave de Sonho de Valsa, Morango
ou Abacaxi $50

A parfait of ladyfingers, English cream and your
choice of Brazilian chocolates, strawberries
or pineapple

Tiramisu $50

Ladyfingers dipped in espresso and coffee
liqueur and layered with a marscapone cream
doce de leite topping

Bolo Brigadeiro $35/$70

Brazilian-style chocolate cake layered with
a condensed milk chocolate filling

Bolo Brigadeiro com Morango $40/$80

Brazilian-style chocolate cake layered with
a condensed milk chocolate filling with fresh

Bolo de Morango $40/$80

White cake filled with strawberries and English
Cream and covered in Chantilly cream

Bolo Alpino $50/$90

Vanilla and chocolate cake layered with white
and milk chocolate mousse

Bolo Sonho de Valsa $50/$90

White and chocolate cake layered with crushed
Brazilian bonbons, made with chocolate and
cashew nuts and English Cream

Bolo Prestigio $50/$90

Chocolate cake with a very generous layer
of coconut

Cheesecake de Maracuja $50

Passion fruit cheesecake

Cheesecake de Goiaba $50

Guava cheesecake

Bolo Pelado com Frutas $60

Naked cake, white or chocolate with filling
of your choice and topped with fresh fruit